Product – “Water with hydrated C60 fullerene” - is a colourless liquid that consists of highly purified water and contains hydrated C60 fullerene (C60HyFn) at a concentration of 0.002 mg/l (2.8 nM/l) in terms of pure С60 fullerene.

The feedstock for its preparation are concentrated aqueous solutions of hydrated fullerene C60.

The specific feature of this product is the fact that single structures C60HyFn, that are dissolved therein with a size of about 2 nm, are able to create and support specific, long, heterogeneously ordered water structures around them. The size of these structures can exceed their own size by dozens or even hundreds of times.
Such water structures, ordered by hydrated C60 fullerene, are consensual and, to a large extent, identical to all water structures of a healthy, normally functioning body.
The unique, multidimensional biomedical effectiveness of this product is also determined by such water structures, including its exceptional antioxidant characteristics.

Official reports on preclinical and clinical trials of this product can be found here and the summary of these reports can be seen here.

A wide range of scientific research and formal testing of this product have confirmed its absolute safety and its high effectiveness, both medically and in terms of preventive characteristics, allowing it to be registered as a dietary supplement in Ukraine. The Safety and Health Certificate from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine no. 05.03.02-04/95179 was issued on December 2, 2010.

Dietary supplement “Water with hydrated C60 fullerene” is applied as a medicated product with multi-dimensional, purely positive bioactivity, which can be used both independently and as an additional standard medicine.


For recommendations on possible methods of application and the dosage for the use of the dietary supplement “Water with hydrated C60 fullerene”, click here

and an example how to prepare its analogue, using С60FWS concentrates, it is possible to see here.

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Concentrated water solutions of hydrated С60 fullerene (in abbreviated form - C60FWS) are molecular colloid systems of spherical fractal clusters, structural unit of which is strong, highly hydrophilic supra-molecular complex, consisting of С60 fullerene molecule, enclosed into first hydrated shell that contains 24 water molecules: C60@(H2O)24 – hydrated С60 fullerene (C60HyFn).
The stability of the first closely linked hydrated shell is maintained by further ordered water shells. The size of C60HyFn is 1.6-1.8 nm. C60HyFn clusters (secondary associates) are formed by association of their hydrated shells. The sizes of such spherical clusters correspond to the following values: 3.4; 7.1; 10.9; 14.5; 18.1; 21.8; 25.4; 28.8; 32.4; and 36.0 nm.

The size of clusters depends substantially on the concentration of C60HyFn in the solution. The less concentrated solution, the smaller average size of the cluster. At C60FWS dilution there is a dynamic redistribution process of molecular structural units until establishment of the equilibrium state with certain dispersed distribution of clusters typical for these conditions. The process of equilibrium state establishment can last for a rather long period of time. It is determined that the concentration of C60HyFn, equal to 144 mg/l (200 µM/l) of C60, is one of the most optimal for long-term storage of C60FWS.

Solutions with concentration 14.4 and 1.0 mg/l (20 and 1.4 µM/l, correspondingly) are convenient for biological testing of small and super small doses of C60HyFn as at dilution of the solutions with concentration 14.4 mg/l there is fast subdivision of cluster structures, and at concentration 1.0 mg/ of C60 and less, in the solution the single C60HyFn exists as an isolated structure.

We produce three types of C60FWS, containing fullerene С60 in the following concentrations:
144 mg/l (200 µM/l),
14.4 mg/l (20 µM/l),
1 mg/l (1.4 µM/l).

C60FWS are produced in the form of liquids sealed in glass ampoules of 2, 5, and 10 ml or in vials of 40 ml. It should be stored in a dark place at temperature from 3 to 40?С. Shelf life is 2 years from manufacture date.
If necessary the ampoules with C60FWS may undergo sterilization at temperature 120?С for 2 hour.


Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine approved the industrial use of Concentrate Solutions of Hydrated C60 Fullerene as an antioxidant in food, fragrance and cosmetic, biotechnological and microbiological industries. Sanitary and hygienic conclusion of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine No 05.03.02-04/89993 d/d November 19, 2010.


To order the product, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To see the sample of the products technical sheet, please, click here. To see the safety data sheet, please, click here.

At the use of C60FWS, the recommended concentration range of hydrated С60 fullerene  in the final product is the following:
- in food substances containing water (drinking water, water used for cooking, alcoholic beverages, nonalcoholic beverages, etc.) – (0.01-10) х 10-3 mg/l;
- in cosmetics and perfumes (lotions, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, creams, gels, etc.) – 0.001-10 mg/l;
- in nutrient media for microorganism growth, in media for cultivation and storage of cell cultures, in liquids used during preparation of biological material for cryopreservation – 0.01-1.0 mg/l.

An example of using of C60FWS concentrates for preparation of an analogue of our dietary supplement, it is possible to see here.


In addition, C60FWS may find wide application at development of new technologies and materials in physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacology, medicine, food industry, agriculture, cosmetic industry and veterinary medicine, as well as, in the whole, anywhere it is necessary to:
- create products with unique, highly ordered structural characteristics;
- use high-efficiency biological antioxidants and regulators of free radical processes.


Especially promising is the use of C60FWS as components or ingredients of solvents for already existing or newly developed medicinal preparations and vaccines.


Hydrated С60 fullerene, as its water solutions, is offered to use as standard (reference) samples and samples for comparison while testing other nanostructures and nanomaterials, including their toxicological characteristics and ecological safety.




The institute produce three types of concentrated water solutions of hydrated С60 fullerene (in abbreviated form - C60FWS), containing fullerene С60 in the following concentrations: 144 mg/l, 14.4 mg/l and 1 mg/l .

The unique properties of C60FWS allow it to be the basis for creating innovative products in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, food industry, agriculture, veterinary medicine and cosmetics.

The first product based on fullerene solutions was product “Water with hydrated C60 fullerene” under the C60Water of Life® brand.

On the basis of C60FWS probably to make this product in any country of the world.