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Research sub-division

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Innovative centre

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Director of production
Water preparation unit
Workshop for hydrated fullerene synthesis
Workshop for dispensing of water with hydrated fullerene
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Earth, Water and People are Life that we are aiming to bring into Harmony. Every inhabitant of the Earth can improve his Life and Health by having touched our products.

Conducting scientific research, becoming a step closer to solving the mystery of life.
Engaging in scientific research at the crossroads of physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacology and medicine.
Being world leaders in relation to scientific research on hydrated fullerenes.

Values — Consumers:
Responsibility: we keep our promises and we are honest with our clients, as it is their trust that constitutes our most valuable achievement.
Simplicity: we develop and offer products that are of maximal use and are easy to use.
Innovation: we offer effective products and technologies on the basis of own advanced scientific developments.

Values — Workers:
Cooperation: we are a team of people who hold the same views and who work for our clients, according to a high level of business ethics and efficient interaction.
Openness: the results of our developments are published in scientific papers.
Professionalism: we are competent specialists, who respect our clients, partners and our colleagues.
Perfection: we use every possibility to achieve the highest level of professionalism and to constantly search for new ways to improve our performance.

We are making our contribution to the development of our country and improving the life of every resident of planet Earth.