It is known that carbon material, particularly graphite and amorphous carbon, are able to absorb most simple molecules on its surface, including those that can be substance for the formation of more complex biologically important molecules in the process of forming the basis of living matter. But fullerene, due to its electron-acceptor properties, is even able, to a greater extent, to interact with different polar molecules and absorb them on its surface.


There are many theories regarding the origin of life from inorganic matter, the main preconditions of which include such factors as:
- The concentration of simple molecules (CO, NO, NH3, HCN, H2O, etc.) close to active centres, where reactions involving external energy sources take place;
- The complication of formed organic molecules to polymeric and primary ordered structures;
- The formation of high-order structures;
- The formation of self-reproducing systems.


The possibility of observing the first factor was proven experimentally when creating the conditions existing on Earth in the pre-biological period. The formation of vital amino acids and some of the nucleic bases under such conditions is very real. However, the possibility of observing all conditions for the origin of life is practically zero.  This means that there should be another condition, that allowed the purposeful realisation of the assembly mechanism of simple elements, and the complication and ordering of formed organic compounds to the degree of living matter formation.


This condition, in our opinion, is the presence matrix. This matrix should:
- Have a constant composition;
- Be highly symmetrical;
- Easily interact with water;
- Form a symmetrical environment around itself from other molecules at a considerable distance;
- Be capable of concentrating active radicals near its surface and promoting their neutralisation through the formation of complex organic molecules;
- “Protect” such molecules from attacks of active radicals;
- Assist in the formation of structures that are similar to itself and should maintain water environment structures that are similar to it.


And the most significant component – uppermost carbon – should be the matrix of our carbon life. And all these requirements are met by fullerene in hydrated state. Most probably, the main and the most stable representative of this carbon cluster family is fullerene C60. As fullerene has always existed in nature, even in small amounts, it is quite possible that the origin of life in the pre-biological period is not the primary act of its formation and that this process, under the action of fullerenes and fullerene-like structures, happens continuously, influences the development of life, tests its existing forms, and creates the new ones. This is all part of the process of the evolution of carbon-water matter!