Fullerenes exist everywhere in nature, and especially where carbon and high energy exist. They exist near carbon stars, in interstellar space, in places where lighting has previously struck or close to volcano craters. They even form when gas burns in the household gas cooker or in the flame of a regular lighter.

Fullerenes have also been found in places of ancient carbon rock accumulation. The Karelian minerals – schungite have a special place in this regard. These rocks, comprises of up to 80% of pure carbon, are about 2 billion years old. The nature of their origin is still not clear. One suggestion is that it was due to the impact of a big carbon meteorite. In 1992, in a scientific journal, it was announced that natural fullerenes were found in schungite. In 1999, using the ideology of obtaining hydrated fullerene water solutions, we also succeeded in extracting and identifying fullerene, but only C60, in high-carbon type I schungite.

Since the time of Peter I (Peter the Great), there has been a medicinal spring, known as “Marcial waters” in Karelia. For many years, no one could ultimately explain the reason for the multiple therapeutic properties of this spring. It was assumed that increased iron content is the cause of its healing effect. But there are many springs containing iron and, as a rule, the medicinal effects after their use are rather limited. It was only when fullerenes were found in schungite rocks, which the spring flows through, that the assumption came about that fullerene is the quintessence of the medicinal effect of Marcial water. But the medicinal properties of this water, similar to thawed water, are preserved for a rather short time. The following day, it tends to lose its properties. Marcial water, passing over rocks containing fullerene and fullerene-like structures, only “saturates” with the structures, imposed by the rock. When stored, these life-giving clusters disintegrate. Fullerene does not dissolve in water spontaneously. That is why there is no structure-forming element that is able to preserve ordered water clusters for a long time. Such water soon takes on the properties of regular water. In addition, the ions present therein rebuild native water structure themselves, forming their own hydrated clusters.

Having obtained molecular-colloidal solutions of hydrated fullerenes in water once, we tried to reproduce the natural and medicinal properties of Marcial water under laboratory conditions. With this purpose, we took highly purified water and added hydrated fullerene C60 in “homeopathic” dosage. Biological trials were conducted on different models. The results were striking. On virtually any pathology model, we observed a positive biological effect. The experiments lasted for more than 15 years. Many pathological changes in a living organism are eliminated and it returns to its normal, healthy condition. This is not a medicinal preparation of purposeful action, nor a foreign chemical substance, but just a carbon ball, dissolved in water. It seems that hydrated C60 fullerene assists an organism to return to its “a normal condition” in the case of any negative changes and it does so due to the restoration and maintenance of those structures it has generated as a matrix in the process of the origin of life.